Back Pain

One of the most common reasons that new patients visit our office is back pain. Usually, this back pain is limiting their ability to live their lives! Back pain can prevent people from:

  • Completing tasks at work without pain, leading to work absences;
  • Participating in recreational sports, including tennis, running, or golf;
  • Playing with children or grandchildren;
  • Driving in a car for long periods of time;
  • And many other activities we all take for granted!

Dr. Steve Baroody will perform a comprehensive exam, including a detailed history of the problem, to gain a greater understanding of how your back pain is limiting you from doing what you love. Understanding the causes of the pain helps him affect how the pain is limiting you

Once a diagnosis has been made, Dr. Baroody will work with you to develop a treatment plan as well as some adjunctive therapies to help you find relief. Ultimately, the goal is to offer you drug-free pain relief, and a way to get you back to what you love! We will work with you to ensure that the therapies we are prescribing fit within your lifestyle.

Treatment Modalities

Dr. Baroody uses Cox Technic, which is the premier technique for the treatment of non-surgical disc and disc related problems. Developed by James Cox, D.C., Cox Technic is the premier technique for the treatment of non-surgical disc and disc-related problems. Using a specially designed chiropractic table, the spine is gently decompressed with a contact on the specific vertebrae involved as the table moves the it through the various ranges of motion.

Manipulation under decompression is gentle and rhythmic, allowing a release of restrictions that are difficult to address with other techniques.

Contact us today to learn more about how Dr. Steve Baroody can help you take the next step toward becoming free of back pain!