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  • Think Locally, Act Globally

    There are often problems in the body that are not what they appear. Referred pain, where the source of the pain is distant from where it is experienced, is a well-established phenomenon.…

  • Hardware and Software Problems

    The problems chiropractors fix typically fall into two categories, which I refer to as hardware problems and software problems.

  • Back Doctors Podcast

    Dr. Baroody Discusses Shoulder Pain on The Back Doctors Podcast

    Dr. Baroody was recently featured on the Back Doctors podcast sharing an interesting story about a woman who received lots of treatment on her shoulder for shoulder pain, but her shoulder is…

  • The Many Facets of Runner’s Knee

    Knee pain is one of the most common problems encountered by runners. Initially, most people are concerned they have injured themselves, tearing the infamous ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or MCL (medial collateral ligament).

  • Disc Treatment

    Now that we understand a little about what happens to our discs that makes them hurt, we can talk about how to stop the pain. Remember, the big idea from the previous…

  • Why Does My Back Hurt?

    While there are a number of common causes of low back pain, the most common is disc-related. The disc is composed of three things, the top and bottom of the adjacent vertebrae,…

  • What Everyone Should Know About Back Pain

    Back pain is usually described as a single problem. This is one reason the medical community has always found it a particular difficult thing to understand. This is akin to saying that…

  • Back Doctors Podcast

    Dr. Baroody on the Back Doctors’ Podcast

    Dr. Baroody was recently featured on the Back Doctors podcast. Follow the link to listen! Listen to the show here!