IT Band Syndrome

Running is a wonderful way to spend time in nature and off your phone! And that doesn’t even include the endorphin rush that accompanies a good long run. And that rush, also known as runner’s high, can also be the kind of thing that makes you overtrain – which isn’t a good thing. One thing that can keep runners on the sidelines is IT band syndrome, also known as iliotibial band syndrome. IT band syndrome is an overuse problem that results in pain on the outside of the knee just above the joint. Did you know that chiropractic care can be effective in treating IT band syndrome?

Most cases of IT band syndrome respond well to chiropractic, and result in improvements within 4-6 weeks of care. After an initial examination to ensure that there is nothing structurally wrong with your feet, ankles, knees, and hips, Dr. Baroody will talk to you to determine what type of runner you are. This includes the distances you run, the type of shoes you wear, and where you run (roads, trails, track, etc.) 

Our Process

Dr. Baroody will ensure that the diagnosis of IT band syndrome is correct. Once this diagnosis has been made, he will perform chiropractic adjustments to ensure the biomechanics in your lower extremities are normal. He will also work to manipulate and release soft tissue restrictions to improve normal motion and biomechanics. 

Dr. Baroody may also choose to add ice, electrotherapy (also known as “stim”), ultrasound, and heat, depending on the conditions. He may also prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises to ensure that the problem is resolved more quickly and does not recur, as well as make other recommendations to ensure you are back on the roads and better than ever!

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